Who are we?

Highly advanced people with over-bearing skills who have been successfully dealing with international business managements, visa applications as well as international immigration.

What we do?

Acquire the satisfaction in helping NON-EU citizens to expand their businesses into European premises legally. In the same time, we will be assisting you in acquiring a visa or a residency permit.

Why choose us?

We offer specialized lawyers that will guide you through your journey in joining the European business market for optimal timing and pricing.

Business immigration

Our organization is managing business migration to Lithuania and other European Union nations programs; hence we have increased numerous long stretches of mastery and certifiable experience managing business enrollment and movement strategies. We are doing our best to distribute on our site the most recent legitimate data about business migration openings and principles in Lithuania. We always make sure to distribute the latest and most recent immigration and business management laws and rules to you through our website.

Options for applying to a residency permit:

  • Create and form your own company from scratch including employees and what not.
  • Expand your local company into European countries and broaden the company
  • Buy a business within a European country and improve upon it
  • Use your own skills and degrees and work within a professional business as an employee
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