ADVANTA LT is a European Company that provides Multi services. It works in the field of supporting businesses, educational purposes, medical suggestions and tourism. It also supplies different types of Probiotic Cleaning, Cosmetic, and Food products.

All our products are subject to a strict quality control and respect the EU standards.
We offer an extensive product range, specific market know-how and full-service solutions right across the European continent and Worldwide. As a strongly customer-orientated company, ADVANTA LT understands the value of building personal relationships to provide its customers and business partners with rapid, tailored advice and technical support in all aspects of their projects. Discover our services on the following pages. You can rely on the dynamism and competence of our international team.

At Advanta LT we know you have a choice. This is why we work hard to ensure that every single customer, however big or small in Lithuania and throughout the world, can look forward to the highest level of customer care, personal service and quality products, provided at a fair and competitive price.

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